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Key Benefits

  • Pre-engineered
  • Modular 
  • Flexible 

The following depicts standard ‘balanced’ modular gantry robot configurations manufactured by Quicksilver Industries LLC (QI), constructed from either steel or carbon/core composites, that can be either 'robot' or CNC controlled. These 'pass-thru' (robot sled or carriage passes through both stanchions at either side of the system) gantries have been engineered in both floor rail (FLR) and top running (TR – bridge crane rails) “X” axis travel configurations from 10’ (ft.) to 950’ (ft.) standard lengths. 

They employ either a fixed (F) or telescopic (T) vertical “Z” axis mast with load capacities to 8000 lbs standard. The telescopic mast employs a feature that provides balance to the mast so that the loads exacted on it and the servos are reduced to inertial loads only. The "Z" axis mast may be a single or multi-stage unit addressing issues of available overhead height. Optional yaw, pitch and roll axis (4th, 5th and 6th axis) about the 3rd vertical axis may be incorporated for additional positioning flexibility.  Because the “Z” axis can sustain working loads of up to 8000 lbs, the use of inverted articulated robots with tooling payloads of 500kg can be incorporated into the system as standard.  

These gantries may be used for assembly, machining, material handling, foundry, welding, cutting, drilling, waterjet, coatings application, painting (intrinsically safe) and composite materials profiling and layup applications. Additional single or multi axis positioning devices may also be incorporated within the work envelope. The gantry system packages come complete and include the following features in three (3) construction platforms:

Steel Gantry Platform

  • All steel construction
  • "X" axis floor or top running lengths in excess of 950' (290 m)
  • "Y" axis spans in excess of 150' (46 m)
  • "Z" axis vertical lengths in excess of 60' (18 m)
  • All linear bearings and ways with covers                                                                               
  • Cable carriers
  • Over travel limit switches and hard stops
  • All machining including servo mount plates
  • Robot or CNC control
  • Complete drive system incorporating servo packs
  • Workstation HMI
  • Offline programming software
  • All kinematic models including those of additional positioning equipment selected       
  • Proprietary ‘Balanced Gantry System’
  • Primed and painted
  • Packaged for shipment    

Carbon/Core Gantry Platform Systems New!

QI manufactures a line of carbon composite and core based gantry systems to dramatically reduce overall system mass while increasing the stiffness of the system. The carbon gantry was designed to meet the needs of high speed palletizing. Systems are capable of maximum traverse speeds of 120.00" inches per second (3 meters per second) in all three (3) primary axes, with payloads in excess of 300 lbs (112 kg). Custom Heavy Payload Systems (exceeding 3000 lbs - 1120 kg - conventional speeds) available upon request. Pricing is comparable to steel based systems, as construction of the components is performed with the use of our patented PFE technology. Please contact CSI to discuss system configurations and pricing.

Servo Hydraulic Gantry System New!

QI has developed a servo hydraulic variant of its standard gantry design. This was to address material handling applications where part or component payloads exceeded those provided by the largest invertible electric robots available. The standard 5-axis system has been designed to accommodate payloads in excess of 5000lbs (1866kgs) per Z-axis. With multiple masts, better than twice the payload capacity may be realized.

These gantries are ideal for use in the following areas:

  • Large press brake operations

  • Large part material handling or palletizing

  • Heavy construction or assembly

KUKA K210 robot inverted on QI's proprietary 'telescopic' z-mast, 3-axis gantry robot platform. The system is equipped with a unique 'adjustable counterbalance system' that allows for the robot to change tools of different weights during the process, and remain in balance. (www.kukarobotics.com)



Both gantry platforms can be used for the following applications:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • assembly

  • composite materials layup

  • composite core handling

  • material handling

  • welding

  • cutting - laser, plasma, water jet

  • painting

  • gelcoat

  • machining - plugs/molds

  • sealant dispensing

  • palletizing

Sample Cell Configurations                                                                                                          


    Twin Gantry - Single Robot w/ Multiple Tool Cribs                   Robotic Layup of Composite Material on Boat Hulls Employing

                                                                                                        PFE Technology


    Single Gantry - Tandem Robots                                               Single Gantry - Tandem Robot


   Proprietary PFE "ID" Cylinder Cell" (mold cut for clarity)        Proprietary PFE "OD" Cylinder  Cell"

The 'Cylinder Cell' system allows for the construction of products that may have round, oval, tapered oval, rectangular, square or polygon cross sections. Half sections may also be done by employing a 'counter balanced' positioner. The layup of composite material may be performed from inside (ID) the mold or outside the mold (OD), as indicated in the above illustrations. This is made possible because of the proprietary 'Z' axis (vertical) system moving the 'Linear PFE' device vertically, up and down, in concert with the 'feed' of the composite material from the Linear PFE device, to accommodate the desired cross section shape and fiber orientation.

The Linear PFE is comprised of PFE modules along the gantry bottom so as to provide a continuous layup on or within the mold. The gantry simply moves left or right to provide 'overlap' of the joints of the standard roll widths available that run along the length of the gantry. The system is capable of a 'spiral' layup as well due to the use of a PFE 'sled' that may run on one or both sides of the gantry beam. The PFE sled provides for rotation of the PFE so that angular and cross paths may be performed. Indexing the mold, positions the sled for the next pass. The mold is rotated about or under the 'Linear PFE Detachable Gantry System' (separates at mid-span) providing a layup layer of the complete part in one revolution. In this way the 'quadrant start point' of the layup will always be 'in gravity'. Upon completion of the part the gantry separates at mid-span and each half moves out of the mold at each end, respectively, to allow for removal of the part from the cell. With 'ID' systems the mold simply is spilt longitudinally. With 'OD' systems the mandrel is removed traditionally. The diameter and length of the Cylinder Cell is dictated by the part itself. Diameters and lengths in excess of 40' ft (12M) and 250'+ ft (76M), respectively, can be accommodated.

The proprietary 'ID' system lends itself, by design, to create a 'low pressure autoclave' from the mold itself. QI can provide the complete superstructure for such molds and offers 'end caps' to the mold as options, to create the 'low pressure autoclave' environment. Combined with vacuum bagging operations the system lends itself nicely to many layup regimes.




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